Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hagel on Bolton

Via TalkLeft.

Even though Chuck Hagel wants to vote against John Bolton, he's probably not going to because conservatives say that such a vote would kill his presidential chances. This is where Senatorial hubris gets really bad. Because Chuck Hagel is never going to be president of the United States regardless of this vote. There is no way he survives the Republican primaries given that he is not trusted by the lunatic base of the Republican Party. That he would even conceive of voting against Bolton is going to permanently stain him as opposed to such potential candidates as Bill Frist and Jeb Bush. If Hagel would realize that he'll never win the nomination, it would free him up to vote his conscience and kill this nominee. But because he actually believes that he can win the nomination, he'll probably end up voting the party line on this and most everything else for the next 3 years and then get blown out in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina and drop out of the race.