Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Wet Noodle Party

I am disappointed, but sadly not surprised, that Democratic senators, led by Harry Reid and Joe Biden, are now trying to compromise with the Republicans over using the filibuster to stop W's radical judicial nominees. I am not a real defender of the filibuster given that Senators have historically used it to stop civil rights and anti-lynching legislation. However, to compromise on this at this time is just giving up. Do Democratic senators not understand that if you give in to a bully, they will just keep bullying you in the future? Any kind of compromise is a complete victory for the Republicans. It makes Bill Frist look good to the Republican base and increases his chances of being the Republican nominee in 2008. It shows yet again that the Democrats have no backbone and will kowtow rather than force a real confrontation.

Not to mention that any kind of compromise means that the Democrats are going to willingly allow extremists like Janice Brown on the court. How can they call themselves Democrats if they compromise to allow such a lunatic to have a lifetime federal appointment?