Tuesday, June 21, 2005

General Thoughts About All Of This Craziness

Wow, what a day yesterday was. There's nothing like attacks and false allegations to get the ol' blood pumping.

Thanks to everyone, both people I know and who I don't, for defending me and understanding what I was trying to say, even if they disagreed with it. Thanks to those people who strenuously disagreed but presented their positions with at least a modicum of respect. I appreciate it at great deal. You all made me feel better. It's good to have friends.

For a while I thought about giving up blogging. Why the hell would I put myself through this? Then I thought that such an action would be akin to letting the forces of extremism win. So I put that out of my mind.

I'll blog about this and that throughout the day relating to some of this stuff. I will say now that I've always found the trite saying that the political spectrum is not a line but a circle and that the far right and far left meet was kind of dumb and not very useful. I still think that. But I do find it remarkable that the far left and the far right both use the same kind of attacks and both use the same heavily gendered language to discuss the military. This latter point is deserving of a larger post which will come later today.

I do wish that I had downloaded sitemeter. I wonder how many posts I got yesterday? Oh well. Maybe a few people read this who actually thought that at least some of the ideas were good. Maybe they'll even come back now and again.

It may be depressing to be attacked like this. But hey, it's a beautiful day. I'm reading the works of Yuri Olesha. I'm listening to a Tom Russell album. The sky is blue and clear, even if it's a bit hot. There's wildflowers everywhere. Maybe I'll get lucky today and see a rabbit or maybe even some deer. Life is good.