Friday, November 17, 2006

I Really Hate How the Media Covers Liberals

CNN verbatim headline, "Liberals' wish list include abortion, gay rights."

Precisely. Every liberal wants, in fact demands, that all women be forced to have abortions. Until that point, we won't stop our fight!

Come on. Is this kind of headline malicious or just incompetent? Either way, it promotes the idea that liberals really love abortion and want women to have more of them, an obviously absurd allegation.

Even better is the conservative response to gay rights at the end of the article. The Rev. Louis Sheldon says: "All Americans must be prepared to endure serious threats to their freedom of speech, their right to make employment decisions as business owners and their religious freedom in the business world." Their right to make employment decisions, eh? Hell, let's just go back to the day when employers didn't have to hire black people because they didn't want to work with them. Those were the days!

That this comment doesn't make the headlines makes CNN's actual headline all the more offensive.