Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Speechless

It's one thing for a man to not support feminism. It's another to be an active anti-feminist. Check out Henry Makow. On one of his site, Ether Zone, he writes a post entitled "Feminism Can Be Cured If Diagnosed Early." His other site is entitled Save the Males, where he once said that Betty Friedan was a communist propagandist. Classy.

Responding to a woman (if this is in fact a real letter) who is just fed up with thinking she should be equal, Markow gives pearls of advice like:

4. Stop being "smarter, better, faster" than the men you meet. To some extent, a woman self effaces and lives through her husband and children. Find a man you naturally look up to, respect and trust. Don't waste time with boys. Men want power; women want love. Heterosexual union involves the exchange of the two: female power (in the worldly sense) for male love (his power expressed as love.)


6. Not all women need to marry and have children but the vast majority do. We are a pair -bonding species. Children represent our organic growth. As recently as fifty years ago, the role of wife and mother was honored. After 1960 society was subjected to an unprecedented campaign of social engineering designed to disparage these roles and make women find fulfillment in career instead. Led by the Rockefeller Foundation, this media campaign was made to look spontaneous and "modern." In fact, the goal was to decrease the birth rate and destabilize society by pitting men against women. Divide and conquer.

Damn commies, those Rockefellers.

Via Feministing