Sunday, November 12, 2006

Male Birth Control

Why are men such freaking slime? What the hell is wrong with us?

Via I Blame the Patriarchy comes this post about a blog complaining about a new birth control pill that men would take. The male commentators on this post went ballistic, complaining about the "feminizing effects" of such a pill and the loss of pride in the fact that you could make a woman pregnant. There are also exciting phallo-centric discussions about the importance of a man's cock and balls to him. The greatest comment:

It's “about mind control. If you can get a man to swallow chemicals that tamper with his reproductive system, you can get him to do anything. What’s next, a pill that turns your penis into a vagina twice a week?”

Jesus Christ. I'll bet these men love their women being on birth control so they don't have to wear a condom. More fun for him!

I would certainly consider taking a birth control pill. I'm pretty ambivalent about children anyway so the temporary sterilization would hardly bother me. Of course, all medicine has side effects so that would be something to consider. But any decent man should discuss all forms of birth control with their partner and together they can decide what works best for them. Any man who refuses out of hand to take a form of birth control because it threatens his manhood is an asshole.

And I mean that--an asshole. I say that again because I'm trying to avoid cursing on the blog right now because potential new employers could read it. But I don't care. Not in this case. Sometimes, being a man is just embarrassing.