Sunday, November 12, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 12

What an amazing week! Usually I don't like to jump teams over others who haven't lost. However, this week I'm just rearranging the whole thing. As for Oregon--that's better left unsaid.

1. Ohio St.

2. Michigan--Why is Ohio St.-Michigan so early? November 18? They won't play again until January 8 or whatever. With the 12 week season, why not take an extra bye and push the game back to Thanksgiving weekend? It spreads the season out, gives your team more time to be healthy, and cuts down on the layoff before the bowl.

3. Florida--normally I wouldn't be too happy with a team that got a lucky win over an inferior opponent at home. But it was Spurrier's return to Gainesville and I'm sure South Carolina was playing out of their element.

4. USC--I really didn't think I'd see USC this high again after getting drubbed by Oregon St. But they destroyed Oregon.

5. Arkansas--A hugely deserving team that I haven't given enough props to all year. I think they're probably better than USC, but they lost to them more than handily in the first week of the season and I have to take that into consideration.

6. West Virginia

7. Rutgers--Do I think they're the 7th best team in the country? No, but they held Louisville in check and they have a great defense. I'm really looking forward to their game against West Virginia.

8. Notre Dame--Do I think they're the 8th best team in the country? No, but they only have 1 loss so what can I do?

9. LSU--The best 2 loss team in the country? Maybe.

10. Wake Forest. I know Florida St. sucks, but 30-0 in Tallahassee?

11. Louisville

12. Texas

13. California

14. Auburn

15. Boise St.--They get docked 4 places for beating San Jose St. on a last-second field goal. I'm all for giving non-BCS teams opportunities to get into the BCS, but I have hard time making the argument that Boise St. really deserves it.

16. Oklahoma

17. Georgia Tech

18. Wisconsin--I suppose they should be higher than 18 but does anyone really think they're very good?

19. Virginia Tech

20. Maryland

21. BYU

22. Boston College

23. Nebraska

24. Hawaii

25. Tennessee

Close-Oregon (sigh), Clemson, Texas A&M, Missouri, TCU