Thursday, February 08, 2007

Albuquerque Loses A Piece Of Its Soul

I was deeply saddened last night to find out that Alphaville Video is closing. This superb movie store was not only the best in Albuquerque, but one of the finest video stores I've been to outside of a major metropolitan area. The owner of the building wants to do something else with it and the store's owner decided to close down rather than relocate in a less suitable location. Although I have not been in the store in the other half of the building, The Book Stop, I assume it is gone too, something reinforced by all the sale signs in the windows. Sadly, this is Albuquerque best, and perhaps only good, used bookstore. In one fell swoop, we have lost 2 of our finest businesses. Moreover, these 2 stores were in Nob Hill, the always trendy and increasingly yuppified part of town. No doubt, these great businesses will be replaced by a wine bar, an antique store, or something equally unpleasant.