Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not Balanced, Perhaps, But Certainly Fair

In light of Lyrad's post marking the Rev. Falwell's doing the mortal coil shuffle, I feel I should say something nice.

I'm playing softball on my brother's office team, I bought a new baseball mitt the other day. I brought it home, oiled it up, and carefully wrapped a ball in it with a strong rubber band, as I was taught. It's amazing the way that smells make you smell other smells, as the leather and neatsfoot oil made me smell the grass and dust of a baseball field. Interestingly, sunshine and cigarettes make me smell neatsfoot oil.

Anyway, we were supposed to play the Reuters team Tuesday night, but the game got cancelled at the last minute because they had to stay late and work the Falwell story. We had practice instead, which is good, we needed it. And that's really the nicest thing I can say.