Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I am disgusted but not shocked that U.S. district court judge Kathleen Cardone has thrown out all charges against Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. Posada, who has admitted to blowing up a Cuban airplane in 1976 that killed 73 people and who masterminded a series of hotel bombings in Havana, is now a free man in the United States.

I cannot really comment on much of why the judge threw out the charges. She claims Posada was treated unfairly in his immigration hearing. Maybe, but I doubt she is so concerned with the thousands of other, non-terrorist, immigrants who are also not treated fairly by the United States. Cardone wrote in her decision, "This court finds the government's tactics in this case are so grossly shocking and so outrageous as to violate the universal sense of justice." More shocking and outrageous than blowing up an airplane and killing innocent people?

Whether or not the government had a legitimate case against Posada for immigration violations, there is no question that they should immediately deport him to Cuba, Venezuela, or perhaps a third Latin American nation. By keeping Posada in the United States, we are telling the world that we only denounce terrorism when that terrorist has not received CIA training and is not doing what the U.S. desires. We are hypocrites to the rest of the world and we deserve to be fully denounced for giving Posada asylum.

Of course, the fact that Cardone was nominated for her position by Texas Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn gives us a pretty good idea about why she threw out the charges against Posada, regardless of the actual merits of the case.