Monday, July 28, 2008

Favre--Please Go Away!

I'm not sure what I want more, Brett Favre to go into retirement, get hooked on painkillers (again) and fade into oblivion, or have him come back with the Jets or some other team and throw 54 interceptions this year.

One thing is for sure, I am sick of Favre's ego, as seemingly are the Green Bay Packers.

Says Favre

"I said, 'Let me compete, you'll know I'll win this job' and Ted said again, 'Brett, things have changed. Aaron Rodgers is our quarterback.' It's pretty clear -- and this is what I told the commissioner -- that they want me to go away, stay retired. They would much rather see me in a Packers' uniform, paying me $12 million to be a backup -- which you know they really don't want -- rather than see in another uniform, no matter what they say. They'll drag this out, asking a king's ransom [in a trade], hoping it all goes away."

Or maybe they are sick of your act and know they need to move on with their franchise. They know you are never going back to the Super Bowl and that if they keep living like it was in 1997, not only are they going to send their team into the toilet, but they are going to have completly wasted their first-round draft pick from 4 years ago when you were talking about retirement for only the 7th time.