Monday, January 19, 2009

An Inauguration/MLK Day Story

I'll write more when I get back, but some stories simply must be shared.

Today (Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day) I volunteered at the Day of Service event in D.C. at RFK Stadium. We coordinated about 13,000 people making care packages for the soldiers serving overseas. Included in those 13,000 were Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Hilda Solis, and Freddy.

Freddy is from Savannah. Actually, he was born in Jasper County, South Carolina, which is between Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, which regular readers know is where my family lives, and where I lived for a while.

Freddy grew up there when it was still segregated, and he couldn't go to the beach in Savannah because it was whites only. He went to the beach on Hilton Head because there was no one else there to care who swam there.

Now, 50 years later, rich people from around the world swim and play golf there. My parents live and work there. I went to high school there.

The last time Freddy was in D.C.was 40 years ago, to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr give his "I Have A Dream" speech. He was living in New York, and took the bus down.

Now Freddy lives in Atlanta, and came up to see Barack Obama get sworn in.

It was an absolute honor to work with him today, to hear his story and be a part of it.
(Pictures soon)