Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mister Trend's 2009 Death List

I was a bit more "successful" with my death list last year than Erik, with four of my candidates departing (Arthur C. Clarke, Bo Diddley, Studs Terkel, and Bettie Page, none of whom I wished any will, and Diddley's passing in particular was very sad). Thus, I have four new entries this year, and actually added some evil to it this year in the form of Echeverria (Erik must have read my mind in early December when I began compiling my 2009 list). That said, here's my 2009 list:

1. Elliot Carter
2. Claude Levi-Strauss
3. Oscar Niemeyer
4. Billy Graham
5. Zsa-Zsa Gabor
6. Luis Echeverria
7. John Wooden
8. Fidel Castro
9. Jack Klugman
10. Ted Kennedy