Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Compromise?

I'm just going to lift Stephen Suh's post.

The economic stimulus bill passed the US House today. Not one Republican voted for it.

They got what they wanted, from tax cuts to reduced infrastructure investment to the removal of the American One Child Act of 2009 to - and this is especially important - uncounted hours on TV and endless inches in newspapers and magazines decrying the Democrats' hedonistic, tax-and-spend ways.

And then they voted against it anyway.

Yes, indeed. So why even compromise with the Republicans? Why not say, we have the votes so fuck off and die. If none of them are going to vote for it anyway, why even consult them? It might be different in the Senate since pulling a vote or two is going to make a big difference but given the soon to be 59 Democratic senators only need 1 and Judd Gregg is running for his life for reelection in New Hampshire, he's going to be voting with the Democrats a lot.

So seriously, fuck the Republicans. There's no need to compromise with them on anything if they aren't going to vote for it regardless.

In a related issue, why do congressional Republicans understand politics so much better than congressional Democrats?