Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Throwing Their Hats into the "Racist of 2009 Ring" - Sean Delonas and the New York Post

While Florida Republican State Committeewoman Carol Carter made a strong bid for "racist of the year" for these comments and the fake-apology that followed, she already faces stiff competition. The New York Post published today this horribly racist cartoon by Sean Delonas. And just as inexcusable is the content of the cartoon is the Post's "apology," which says the cartoon is simply "parody" (it's not) and that Al Sharpton is just a "publicity opportunist" (he may or may not be, but that has nothing to do with how horribly racist the cartoon is). It should go without saying that America is anything but a "post-racial" society; if anything, the only post-Obama conclusion we can draw thus far is that horribly racist comments will be followed by equally-offensive faux-apologies that reveal no amount of contrition or regret whatsoever.