Monday, April 20, 2009

Sheer Greed


Chrysler is rejecting $750 million in federal aid because 25 top executives would have to agree to pay limits. Saving thousands of jobs--meaningless. Even working for their shareholders--not on their mind. But limits on their pay??? Impossible! Worth closing the company over! Ivory backscratchers are expensive these days!!!!

I don't think we needed more evidence of the vile greed of corporate executives, but if we did, here it is.

This kind of thing is what makes me so angry when people blame the United Auto Workers for the problems of American car manufactures. The union is caving left and right, hoping to save their workers' jobs. But executives think they have the right to astronomical salaries and would prefer to kamikaze the company rather than accept pay caps. I would say that I hope the company goes belly up, but I don't want thousands of Americans and people around the world to lose their jobs. I just want the executives drawn and quartered.