Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fats Domino

Of all the stories coming out of New Orleans, this was one of the most shocking to me. Fats Domino was among the blacks of the city who could not get out before the storm. It's not 100% clear whether this was by choice or by necessity, but it is damned indictive of how the early rock and roll musicians got absolutely fucked financially. Honestly, I didn't know Domino was still alive but his story reminds me of Bill Haley dying drunk in a ditch in Harlingen, Texas. (I think it was there, anyway some south Texas border town.) These guys had to tour for years past their physical peak in order to make a living when their songs are played on commercials everywhere. There are probably thousands more heartrending and horrifying stories coming out of New Orleans than this one, but this one is particularly affecting to me.