Sunday, January 01, 2006

Santa Fe Writer's Talks

One of the advantages of Santa Fe is the attempt to make the place a cultural center. A lot of these attempts end up being really lame because they emphasize things that old people are in and Santa Fe is nothing if not an old person's town. However, at the Lensic theater there is a writer's series where they come and talk to an audience. Almost always the people are ones I have not heard of (although I'll always kick myself for not going to see Edward Said about 4 years ago or so). This spring though, the writers are actually quite good and I'd thought I'd let any New Mexico readers know. Here's a few of the highlights:

March 15, A.S. Byatt
April 5, Mario Vargas Llosa
April 26, Howard Zinn
May 10, T.C. Boyle
May 31, Eduardo Galeano

Certainly some good people this year. If only they would get Philip Roth...