Monday, May 24, 2010

The Finest the University of Oregon Has to Offer

When I graduated from the University of Oregon in 1996, I was dismayed that my graduation speaker was Today host Ann Curry. While my Mom was happy, I thought it was an exceptionally lame choice, particularly considering that the year before long-time Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield spoke and the year after it was Corazon Aquino, president of the Philippines.

But you see, Ann Curry is an alumni of the University of Oregon. And the quality of UO students isn't always the highest. So we have to celebrate what we can get I guess.

Curry hasn't given up her commencement addresses, despite the yawn-fest I sat through. In doing so, she demonstrated that awesome University of Oregon education:

When Ann Curry, news anchor of the Today Show, gave the commencement speech at Wheaton College in Massachusetts last Saturday, she listed several famous graduates -- Wes Craven and Billy Graham among them -- of the wrong Wheaton College.

Curry mistakenly listed the graduates of an evangelical school in Illinois rather than the secular, once all-women college in Massachusetts.