Monday, December 20, 2010

Climate Change as a Zero-Sum Game

I think the saddest thing about the debate over climate change is how conservatives see it as a zero-sum game. They think that liberals want the climate to change so we can enact some sort of radical environmental agenda. If any of the massive amount of science demonstrating the potential hazards of climate change goes unchallenged, conservatives believe they have lost something.

This is absurd. The last thing I want is to be right about climate change. That is just awful. I wish conservatives were right about global warming being a hoax.

But they are not. And when jokers like Hinderaker write posts like this every time it snows somewhere, we all lose:

It's fun to ridicule the warmists because they are so often wrong, but their errors are in fact significant: a scientific theory that implies predictions that turn out to be wrong, is false. A principal feature of climate hysteria is its proponents' unwillingness to be judged by the standards that govern real science.
The idea of John Hinderaker having some authority is proper uses of science is laughable, particularly that climate scientists have shown a strong likelihood of increased snowfall (and precipitation more generally) with a warming climate. But the more stories like this remain unchallenged by the media at large, the more we all lose when global warming becomes something we cannot stop.