Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Kirk Cameron, Apocalyse Specialist and Dead Bird Expert

Anderson Cooper actually brought none other than Kirk Cameron on his show to discuss the thousands of dead red-winged blackbirds in Arkansas.

I can't judge who is more embarrassing here, Cooper or Mike Seaver:

COOPER: Kirk, there's a lot of chatter out there on the Internet about these thousands of birds and fish dying. Some people saying this is a sign of the end of days. You obviously starred in a series of films based on the idea of the "Left Behind" series. When you hear that, what do you think?

KIRK CAMERON, ACTOR: Well, I first think that they ought to call a veterinarian, not me. You know, I'm not the religious conspiracy theorist go-to guy particularly. But I think it's -- it's really kind of silly to try to equate birds falling out of the sky with some time -- some kind of an end-times theory.

COOPER: But it is interesting the whole notion of end of times and the whole "Left Behind" series which deals with Jesus coming back to take his people to heaven, the believers and nonbelievers. Why do you think there's such fascination in that and when something like this happens, people kind of turn to those thoughts?

CAMERON: Well, it seems to be that people have a real fascination with the mystery of end-time predictions. Of course, people get all excited about Nostradamus prophecies, 2012, and, of course, biblical prophecy has really been a topic of fascination for thousands of years.

So I think people are trying to -- they love to define codes and signs of future events and see if they can decipher them before anybody else. But birds falling from the sky? That has more to do, I think, with pagan mythology and the way that -- and the directions that the birds flew told some of the followers of those legends that the gods were either pleased or displaced with them. But I think people just have a fascination with the religiously mysterious.

Pretty useful analysis there!