Monday, May 16, 2011


This is really weird

So you can't access the whole article without a subscription, but researchers are developing the ultimate mystery-meat. From the abstract:

At one lecture, he was seized by an idea: “Why can’t we grow meat outside of the body? Make it in a laboratory, as we make so many other things.” In-vitro meat can be made by placing a few cells in a nutrient mixture that helps them proliferate. As the cells begin to grow together, forming muscle tissue, they are attached to a biodegradable scaffold. There the tissue can be stretched and molded into food, which could, in theory, be sold, cooked, and consumed like any processed meat.

This is actually happening. I don't know what I think of it really. On one hand, ewwww. On the other, most people don't care where their meat comes from. Meat production already an industrialized process. It's environmentally hazardous, has potential long-term implications for human bodies, and is more or less pretty awful in all ways. If they got the taste right, wouldn't this be an American consumers dream--low-cost meat that all tastes exactly the same? 

Anyway, this all kind of blows my mind.