Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Notre Dame=Stupid

It amuses me to no end that Notre Dame fired their football coach Tyrone Willingham today. Do they actually think that they are going to get a better coach than Willingham? The man who made Stanford a Pac-10 contender is as good as Notre Dame is going to get. They may go hire Urban Meyer from Utah, but is he going to be able to turn around that program? He did a fine job at Bowling Green and at Utah this year, but he's only been at Utah 1 year and he inherited all the players from an already good team. I don't think he's proven that he's the man who can take Notre Dame to a national championship.

Why this is so amusing to me is that the fans of Notre Dame are insane. They really think that in today's world of college football that they should compete for a national championship every year. And that's just not going to happen, no matter who the coach is. The only teams that can really do that are Miami, USC, Oklahoma, and Texas--all because they are in centers of amazing high school football with good weather. There's no way that a team from Indiana is going to bring in enough recruits to South Bend, Indiana to compete every year. But because their fans are off their rockers, they are going to fire the best coach they've had since at least Lou Holtz. I will laugh for the next several seasons as Notre Dame again does nothing at all and then fires Urban Meyer or whoever else they choose.