Monday, November 22, 2004

Safire, Who Do You Buy From?

I ask this of Bill because he clearly smoked some really good crack before he wrote his column in the Times today. Safire claims that changing the Constitution to allow Schwarzenegger to run for president is a civil rights issue. Not that Safire has ever really come out strongly for civil rights before. He must have had an epiphany. I'm sure he's also now for reparations to African-Americans too.

He also seems to believe that the Hispanic population is going to be heavily motivated by changing the Constitution to allow immigrants to run for president. Yes, Bill, I'm sure that Juan and Roberto who are fixing my roof really give a flying fuck whether or not some relation of some bastard who terrorized their families in Guatemala can become president here. I'm sure that's really going to get them to the polls.

Finally, Safire shows how far out of touch he is becoming with political reality in this country. He claims that when this amendment is passed in 2007 (he seems to forget that Democrats still have some power in this country, at least in the states) that Arnie will become VP to McCain or Giuliani. Que??? First, does he really think that McCain or Giuliani can survive the Republican primaries in the South against Jeb Bush or Bill Frist? Second, does he believe they will do better than Arnie? Third, does he really think that Arnie would be willing to be a vice-president?

Then to top it off he says that if this amendment were passed, Peter Jennings could be the Democrats VP candidate. Maybe Safire picked a good time to stop writing for the Times.