Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Links: Films and Politics

A few links for today.

First, a big RIP for Ulrich Muehe. Muehe shined in The Lives of Others. Sad to see him die so young.

Barba de Chiva discusses Maquilapolis, a film that puts together footage of Tijuana women activists filming their own lives and living conditions. This sounds like a must see if it comes around. Most people simply don't care what happens to the people who make their consumer products. I suspect showing this film as widely as possible might help change that.

Finally, I fully agree with Ilan Goldberg getting after Joe Biden for claiming that he is the only Senator who supports the troops because he voted for the Iraq supplemental funding bill. Biden has always been happy to use the Right's language for his own purposes. But by doing so, he legitimizes the idea that people who don't fund the war don't support the troops. That is, of course, hogwash.