Monday, July 23, 2007

Tim Moy, RIP

I am deeply saddened today by the death of my friend Tim Moy. Tim was the historian of science in the history department at the University of New Mexico. One of only a very small handful of faculty members at UNM that I really considered a personal friend, Tim died this weekend in Hawaii trying to save his son from drowning. Tim taught me more than anyone I know about teaching. He also set me up with a job doing historic preservation at Los Alamos National Laboratory at a time when my funding ran out and I was desperate. I could always count on Tim for a good baseball conversation too. Finally, I'll always remember with a smile something Tim did during my oral exams. I was backpedaling from something or another in a pretty serious way. It was getting a little tense. Tim found the whole thing funny and busted out laughing. It totally cut the tension.

At least the Red Sox won the World Series before he died, something that he openly wished for. It's just too bad that it had to happen so unbelievably soon.

Tim was 44 years old.