Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Latin American Photographers Distinguish Themselves Globally with Amazing Photos in 2008

A couple of weeks ago, the Latin Americanist pointed out that several Latin American photographers who first prize for their photos in the World Press Photo contest (I had previously put up one of a sequence of these photos here before). The winners included Luis Vasoconelos of Brazil, for his images of police evicting a woman with child in arms; Lissette Lemus of El Salvador, for her image of schoolchildren in a van passing the body of a dead woman in the street; Argentine Walter Astrada's image of post-election protests in Kenya; Carlos Gutierrez's amazing photo of a volcanic eruption in Chile; and Mexico's Carlos Cazalis, who did a series of remarkable photos of Sao Paulo's homeless. The overall photo of the year went to Anthony Suau for his stunning photo of an armed sherriff in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland's county) going through the home for an eviction.

And you can see all of the photography winners (including non-Latin Americans) from last year here.