Friday, March 27, 2009

A Limp Bizkit Film? And It's Good?

I had heard that Fred Durst, that scourge of late 90s and early 00s music, was directing a movie. I did not take it seriously. However, it seems to actually be good. And I certainly didn't expect to be reviewed in these terms:

The directing debut of Fred Durst (the former frontman of the band Limp Bizkit), “The Education of Charlie Banks” probes class consciousness with rather more sensitivity than originality. But thanks to sincere performances (most notably from Mr. Ritter and Eva Amurri as Charlie’s upper-crust crush) and clever writing (by Peter Elkoff), the movie never becomes maudlin. Drawing a firm line between blue blood and blue collar, Mr. Durst keeps his eyes on details — Charlie’s merit-scholar tweed jacket, a rich girl’s fridge stocked with brie and Champagne — as distinguishing as Mick’s flaring, uncontrolled temper. Mick’s dreams of class mobility appear ridiculous only because they are.