Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama Increasingly Involved in Honduras

Luis Vertiz notes that the Obama Administration is beginning to get more involved in Honduras. Obama is sending high-level negoitators to Honduras to try and work through the crisis, hoping to succeed where Costa Rican Oscar Arias failed.

A certain section of the left romanticizes revolution in Latin America and wants to turn every current conflict into a Cold War showdown between the good revolutionaries and the bad U.S. After the coup took place this summer, some of these people were screaming for the U.S. to stay out, etc. And the U.S. did play a backseat role for quite awhile. This was good. Outside of Micheletti and the coup leaders, as well as Jim DeMint and other wingnuts in Congress, there aren't responsible voices who think the U.S. has played an imperialistic role in Honduras. Certainly I'd have trouble arguing that it's not time for the U.S. to get involved, particularly as the coup leaders move toward more repressive measures to hold on to power.