Friday, October 02, 2009

Speaking of Morally Bankrupt Republican Foreign Policy

Neo-con leader Elliott Abrams of course learned absolutely nothing from Iraq. Here he is on Fox News saying that the Iranian people would welcome a U.S. invasion of their country. Uh-huh. Just like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

FOX: 59 percent of respondents to our Fox News poll say that force should be used. How would Tehran react to that?

ABRAMS: It’s a very big question, Alisyn. My own view is that most Iranians now — after June, after the stealing of the election — would not rally around the flag. People used to say that — that if there’s an attack on Iran, you know the population is going to get patriotic. But that’s what Americans would do. I don’t know that it’s what Iranians are going to do, considering the way that regime is hated in Iran.

Christ. Of course neoconservatism is just the flip side of the hardcore Marxist coin--the problem is always that the ideology has not been implemented well enough.