Sunday, November 21, 2010

NCAA Top 25

Not the most exciting week this season, with few upsets, even as a couple of one-loss teams got lucky wins.

1. Oregon (1)
2. Auburn (2)
3. TCU (3)
4. Boise St. (4)
5. Stanford (5)--after yesterday, I feel a lot better about moving Stanford above the other 1 loss teams last week. Stanford killed Cal, while LSU and Ohio St. nearly lost and Nebraska did lose. You could quibble between Stanford and Wisconsin here, but they are clearly 5 and 6.
6. Wisconsin (6)
7. Ohio St. (7)
8. LSU (8)
9. Alabama (10)
10. Michigan St.  (11)--huge comeback against Purdue keeps them in the running for the Rose Bowl.
11. Oklahoma St. (12)
12. Arkansas (13)
13. Oklahoma (14)
14. Nebraska (9)
15. Virginia Tech (15)
16. Missouri (16)
17. Nevada (17)
18. South Carolina (20)
19. Texas A&M (21)--one of the top 10 teams in the 2nd half of the season. First half, maybe not, which is why they are still at 19
20. Arizona (24)
21. Utah (25)--gutty comeback over San Diego St. to save their season
22. Florida St. (NR)
23. Miami (18)
24. Iowa (19)
25. Northern Illinois (NR)--a MAC team has to make it once a year, right?

Out: USC, Mississippi St.

Key Games for Next Week:

1. Auburn at Alabama--The Iron Bowl shows us whether Auburn is really one of the 2 best teams in the country. Should be very very interesting.

2. LSU at Arkansas--another fine SEC matchup. LSU will try to make a claim for the title game if Auburn loses; personally, I think Arkansas wins this game at home.

3. Boise St. at Nevada--If Boise is going to lose, this is the time and place. On the road at an excellent Nevada team. I don't think Boise will lose, but I hope they do.

4. Arizona at Oregon--Oregon should win this going away at home, but Arizona is a solid, if struggling team.

5. Oklahoma at Oklahoma St.--huge Big 12 South matchup and a rivalry game.