Sunday, November 28, 2010

NCAA Top 25

Boise loses (Ha Ha!), Oregon moves to 11-0, LSU finally loses one of the many games in which they should have, Auburn comes back against Alabama to keep the awesome national championship matchup with Oregon alive. A good week by any standard. Unless you are a Boise fan.

1. Oregon (1)--back to dominant form against Arizona
2. Auburn (2)--huge comeback win against Alabama. Really deserved to win
3. TCU (3)
4. Stanford (5)
5. Wisconsin (6)--you can still flip a coin between Stanford and Wisconsin as the best one loss team. I'm sticking with Stanford, despite Wisconsin running up the score against weak Big 10 opponents
6. Ohio St. (7)
7. Michigan St.  (8)
8. Arkansas (12)--nice win over LSU
9. Oklahoma (13)
10. Boise St. (4)--I guess I was right to have TCU over Boise after all. I'm keeping Boise above Nevada because Boise completely choked but was clearly the better team. Also, the game was at Nevada and on a neutral field, does anyone think Nevada would win?
11. Nebraska (14)
12. Virginia Tech (15)
13. LSU (8)--so overrated. They should be about 8-4. But they are 10-2, so what can you do?
14. Missouri (16)
15. Nevada (17)
16. Oklahoma St. (11)--Do they play defense in Stillwater?
17. Alabama (9)--Do I really think Alabama is the 17th best team in the country? No, but they have lost 3 times and manage to lose pretty much every big game they've played. So they are missing something. Maybe only luck.
18. South Carolina (18)
19. Texas A&M (19)
20. Utah (21)
21. Florida St. (22)
22. Northern Illinois (25)
23. West Virginia (NR)--I guess the Big East might have a top 25 team at the end of the year after all!
24. Mississippi St. (NR)
25. Arizona (20)--probably the best 4 loss team in the country. They've lost 3 in a row, but to Stanford, USC, and Oregon. I'm keeping them in at 25th.

Out: Miami, Iowa

Key games for next week:

1. Nebraska-Oklahoma. Big 12 title game. Should be a great game.

2. Auburn-South Carolina--SEC title game.

3. Florida St.-Virginia Tech--ACC title game

4. Oregon at Oregon St--this should be a total blowout.

5. N.Illinois-Miami (OH)--MAC championship