Friday, February 04, 2011

Is Interracial Sex the Key to a Better America?

Dom Apollon's thoughtful piece responding to this week's Times article about the rising number of multiracial children makes me wonder if interracial sex isn't just about the best thing for this nation.

Not that non-white people can't become conservative. But they usually don't. And at the very least, they usually aren't openly racist. Which would be an improvement for much of America. This nation could use more tolerance. Multiracial people are pretty much the Republicans' worst nightmare.

In this one-drop nation, Barack Obama is black. Derek Jeter is black. So is anyone else with any black blood in them. Of course, the meanings of white have changed over time and as some have said recently (though I can't remember the specific references), it's entirely possible that some Latinos and Asians get whitened in future decades in the same way that Italians and Jews did in the mid 20th century. Could happen. On the other hand, the Republican Party is so anti-immigration and racist that accepting large numbers of Mexicans as white seems unlikely. Already white Cubans, sure.

Also, the rise of people aware of this whitening process makes it less likely it will happen without a lot of bitching about it.

As Apollon points out, more interracial kids doesn't mean race doesn't matter in America. Not by a long shot. 

So it seems awful unlikely to me. And reaffirms my idea that interracial sex is awesome for America.

I'd like to think I'm doing my part by marrying an Irishwoman. They aren't considered white yet, are they?