Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best Blog Series Ever

I want to note the return of the best blog series on the internet, Dave Noon's Worst American Birthdays. The latest entry concerns the loathsome David Horowitz. It reads, in part:

In his new role as agitator against leftist indoctrination on American campuses, Horowitz has become a one-man Macy's parade, a giant, cartoonish, inflatable fuck-up bobbing goofily down the street. Whether he's toasting the unacknowledged blessings of chattel slavery, calculating the civilizational demerits of Native Americans, or sponsoring extended circle jerks like his "Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week," Horowitz has apparently decided to atone for his years as a Panther fanboy by turning himself into the archetype of the stupid Whitey, an unselfconscious apologist for The Man.

Awesome. I mean, he's not Jewel or anything, but Horowitz is still a fuck head.