Saturday, January 03, 2009

Blago: Still Comedy Gold

I am fairly sure that it is Rod Blagojevich's goal in life to provide me with laughs and column fodder.

That said, here's the latest. Because I simply cannot resist.

I couldn’t agree more that we need more diverse representation in the Senate. I’m the last person who wants to see an all-white body claiming to represent the American people. But that doesn’t make supporting a suspect governor any better.

I’d agree with blogger matttbastard when he said:

"Yeah, thank you ever so much for giving every not-racist a handy example to righteously point out ad infinitum whenever they want to play the race-card-card."

Simply put, in post-Obama America, we don’t need to act as if we need appointments from corrupt governors to put black Senators in office. And we certainly don’t need to allow said corrupt governor to use race as a cover for his own shady dealings. It’s beyond counterproductive, it’s insulting and cynical.

Illinois can do better than this.

But oddly, like Spencer Ackerman and Robert Farley, I do have some grudging respect for just how gangster Rod Blagojevich actually is.

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