Monday, January 12, 2009

Elections Have Consequences: Environmental Edition

The benefits of a Democratic government are already appearing:

The Senate approved a motion to move forward with the omnibus lands bill on Sunday, a bill that would protect more than 2 million acres of wilderness in nine states.

The bill combines more than 150 separate pieces of legislation on wilderness areas and other federal lands, and was put together last Congress. It has been repeatedly held up by procedural stalling from several Republican senators, most notably Oklahoma's Tom Coburn. The cloture motion, which passed 66-12, allows the Senate to proceed to debate.


The bill will also create the Bill Clinton National Historic Site in Hope, Arkansas. Interesting.

The full text of the bill is here. It's pretty interesting, particularly the potential for future national park sites covering different aspects of American history, including Matewan, for those of you who have seen the movie.