Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year Hopes for the Blog

Since we are still close to the New Year, I have some hopes for the blog.

I hope that I write more about environmental issues and that I find an audience for those posts. I also hope that I can find a way to write about music without sounding like an idiot.

I hope Lyrad writes more about football, music, comics, and movies.

I hope Yann writes more about Santo, music, and New Mexico.

I hope AnthonyS writes more about food and classical music. He is a composer after all. When are those albums coming out?

I hope Trend writes more about how much he owes me for shaping his musical tastes. And how I am his hero. I also hope this gets a suitable reaction. In all seriousness, I do hope for more baseball posts throughout this season and also more random music observations, which are guaranteed to annoy people and thus get comments.

I hope Sarah J writes more about feminism, politics, and everything else. Not that she isn't already doing this. I just enjoy those posts a lot.

I hope Karthika writes her long-promised tennis posts. I'd also like hear more about India if she cares to write about that stuff.

Mostly I hope that this year is awesome for everyone.