Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dublin Notes, Days 2-4

1. One thing I like about Dublin is how your beer marks you--literally. Every beer is served in a glass emblazoned with its own name. Of course, that's easy to do when only 5 beers are served in the whole country. However, if you are stupid enough to order a Coors Light in Ireland, you should have it in a Coors Light glass. It means I don't have to work to feel contempt for you. I know you have terrible taste.

2. I was watching the local news. Always an interesting experience. The woman doing the weather had a look that wouldn't quite fly in the U.S. First, like most of us, she was a little overweight. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'm only saying that a woman like that would not be allowed in a prominent position on our anorexia-supporting television networks. More of note, she was wearing a leather dress. Now that was interesting.

3. I spent part of the day at the Kilmainham Jail, where the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rebellion were executed, among other Irish independent leaders. It was good, but pretty depressing. I felt I needed a drink after I finished the tour. However, I decided to visit the Ireland Museum of Modern Art first. Those exhibits really made me need a drink. Call me a savage, but jesus those were some stupid exhibits. Of course, between the two institutions was a pub, so my need was satisfied.

4. The exception to the above rant was a very interesting exhibit on how modern art influenced the composer Morton Feldman. That was well-put together and somewhat more exciting than Feldman's actual music.

5. Yes, I rode on the top of a double-decker bus. And yes, I enjoyed it.

6. I've seen way too much anti-Irish propaganda from 19th century America. I know this because every now and then I see someone and think, "Wow, you look exactly like the Irish stereotype images in 19th century newspapers." This probably isn't a good thing.