Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Is there anyone less funny than Jay Leno? Sorry, I don't think showing how stupid people are is very funny, particularly when that's your only bit.

So I'm happy to see that his new show is not doing well in the ratings. Here's his performance on Monday compared to other shows in the 18-49 demographic:

6.5 House
4.6 Big Bang Theory
4.4 Two and a Half Men
4.3 CSI Miami
4.1 Dancing With The Stars
3.5 How I Met Your Mother
3.2 Accidentally On Purpose
2.7 Heroes
2.3 Castle
1.8 The Jay Leno Show
1.2 One Tree Hill
1.1 Gossip Girl

This is really good news. NBC is trying to be lazy and not develop new programming. Leno takes 5 hours a week off the table for them. While I doubt their replacement shows would be good, at least they wouldn't be Leno.

Via Reel Fanatic