Sunday, September 13, 2009

Medicare For All

George McGovern calls for a simple solution for the nation's health care crisis: Medicare for everyone.

This is interesting. I'm not enough of an expert on health care policy to know how feasible this is. Certainly one wonders about the costs. But Medicare has been a massive success that everyone loves. Even right-wingers defend Medicare, they just laughably separate it from government-run health care. I think the real win out of this proposal is rhetorical; it forces the right to put up or shut up on Medicare. If they oppose its expansion, is it because they oppose Medicare entirely? A good political move I think.

Of course, since our health care policy is being decided by a rather dim senator from a rural, all-white state in a remote corner of the country who receives a huge amount of campaign contributions from the health care industry, I'm sure nothing good will happen. But McGovern is on to a really good idea here.