Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ruling in Case of Father Whose Son Is In Brazil

A Brazilian court has ruled that David Goldman's son be returned to him. Goldman had married a Brazilian woman who in 2004 took their son (who at the time was 4) with her to Brazil on a "vacation." Goldman's wife remained in Brazil with the son, divorced Goldman, remarried, and died in childbirth. Since her death, Goldman's son had remained with his dead ex-wife's family, and he'd been fighting for years to have his child returned to him. The ex-wife's family had filed numerous appeals (and appears ready to file another), but at the end, this is a pretty clear-cut case in terms of morals and legal standing: regardless of possible language or cultural barriers, the kid should be with his father, from whom he was effectively kidnapped. Hopefully, the Brazilian Supreme Court will uphold the ruling, and Goldman can finally be reunited with his son after 5 years.