Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today in Useless and Empty Analogies

Laker-partisan Marc Stein thinks playing basketball is the same thing as pitching in baseball:

Monta has played all 48 minutes six times this season ... after 20 of 30 MLB teams got fewer than six complete games from their starting staffs last season.
Yes - because nothing says "exact same thing" as running back and forth for 48 minutes, and throwing a ball 92-98 mph 100-120 times. Strain on the legs is the same; effects on the shoulder and elbows is the same; even the time to play each game is the same! It's a perfect analogy!!!

It's fine if you're a partisan of one sport or another, but Stein has apparently decided to show how little he understands about any other sports while talking about them. In other words, Stein often enjoys showing what an idiot he is even while talking about what he knows best, and even by his low standards, he's outdone himself on the stupid here.