Saturday, December 05, 2009

Things That Seem Like Useless Ideas: Giuliani to Serve as "Security Advisor" for Rio 2016 Olympics

I really don't understand what Brazil hopes to get out of an ex-mayor who A) wasn't terribly competent or able before or in the wake of 9/11 (the one thing that would give him any claim to "legitimacy" on security matters); B) has an appalling record in dealing with poverty (something that is a characteristic of Rio's favelas, and Brazil in general, which has one of the highest income gaps in the world); and C) wasn't exactly connected to the most ethical police leaders (and Rio certainly has its own problems with corrupt police). Still, Rio has apparently contracted Rudy Giuliani and his "security" firm, to help the city prepare for the Olympics in 2016. I guess if there's any silver lining in this, it's that some analysts in the story seem to think this may indicate Giuliani will not run for the Senate next year. Still, I hate to see Rio hire a man whose reputation far outpaces his actual policies, just so New York state can be spared.