Thursday, August 12, 2010

The New York Mets, or, Yet Another Way In Which Mr. Trend Was Ahead of the Curve

The Cleveland Indians are and always will be my first baseball team. That said, living in New York turned me into a pretty strong Mets fan, for better and for worse (though being a lifelong Indians fan has made me relatively immune to what Mets fans think is severe suffering). With the Metropolitans as my second team, I quickly invested a decent amount of emotion and energy into them, and ever since the firing of Willie Randolph, I've insisted the Mets need a purging, not so much because I was a major Randolph partisan, but rather because of the fact that Minaya handled it about as terribly as one could. Ever since then, I've never missed a chance when with friends to call for Minaya's firing and the removal of Jerry Manuel (not out of ill will, but out of a desire for a completely fresh start).

Thus, I'm glad to see the major national media finally starting to get on board with what fans have known for a long time: that the Mets need to ditch Minaya, Manuel, and all related personnel, and begin a major rennovation (new ownership would be nice, too, though that's less likely).