Friday, August 20, 2010

Remembering Lou Dobbs' Idiocy

Until I found this editorial while researching something on the 2007 May 1 immigrant rights rallies, I had almost forgotten what a stupid racist asshole Lou Dobbs is. In this editorial, he not only insists on calling migrants "illegal aliens," he finds it conspiratorial that they would choose the workers' day of May 1 for their rallies. Of course, he forgets that it's not just a Soviet holiday, but that celebrate in such commie paradises as France and Sweden. But then he goes on and reminds us that apparently May 1 is Law Day in the United States. Evidently, this was some sort of Kennedy Cold War creation. Anyway, I'm sure the people who were blown away by the police after the Haymarket bomb would totally respect this. I don't know what I like the most--the whole idea of Law Day as some sort of slap at the Soviets or Lou Dobbs bringing this up in 2007.

I'm so glad we've moved on from this idiotic racist nonsense in the last 3 years....