Friday, August 20, 2010

Rock's Greatest "Fuck You" Moments

Over on Facebook, I responded to Erik's Dylan question that the electric side was better, all because of Dylan's sneer on the live version of "Like a Rolling Stone" (after having somebody yell out "Judas!" and telling his band to "Play it fucking loud!"), which I suggested was one of the three greatest "fuck you" moments in rock and roll. He asked me what the other two were. I responded that they were (in no particular order): Donita Sparks of L7 reaching up between her legs, pulling out her used tampon, and throwing it into the audience after being pelted with mud at the Reading festival in 1992; Dylan's sneer in "Like a Rolling Stone"; and the "Fuck'em" bit in the Libertines' "I Get Along."

Given that we do apparently still have readers in spite of the dearth of posts, I open it up - the best "fuck you" moments in rock music?