Tuesday, October 05, 2010

NCAA Top 25

An interesting week of football, dominated by my Ducks eviscerating Stanford. Last week's ranking in parentheses.

1. Alabama (2)--completely dominated Florida. Clearly the #1 team.
2. Oregon (3)--almost dominated Stanford. Clearly #2
3. Ohio St.(1)--really struggled against a bad Illinois team. Made me wonder about them.
4. TCU (4)
5. Boise St. (5)
6. Nebraska (8)--interesting game coming on Thursday at an undefeated Kansas St. team. I don't believe in Kansas St. at all, but still worth keeping an eye on.
7. Oklahoma (9)--beat up on Texas, but then again, who cares at this point.
8. Auburn (10)
9. Arizona (11)
10. Arkansas (13)--they look a little better to me after seeing what Alabama did to Florida
11. Utah (15)
12. Michigan St. (20)--kind of starting to believe in this team after they beat Wisconsin
13. LSU (12)--a crock of a win against Tennessee.
14. Iowa (16)
15. Stanford (6)--I still believe this is a very good team, but Oregon ran them ragged.
16. Miami (17)
17. Florida (7)--so overrated this year. Alabama really slapped them around.
18. Michigan (19)--terrible defense and a near loss to Indiana after the near loss to UMass suggests actual losses very soon.
19. Wisconsin (14)
20. Nevada (21)
21. South Carolina (22)
22. Oklahoma St. (23)--tough win against Texas A&M, maybe they are for real.
23. Missouri (NR)
24. Florida St. (NR)--we'll see how long they stay here since they play Miami this week.
25. Air Force (25)

Gone: USC (18), Penn St. (24)

Key games this week:

1. Alabama at South Carolina--another tough game for Alabama, who is definitely having to earn a repeat SEC championship. I'm not such a believer in South Carolina, but at home they might have a chance.
2. LSU at Florida--a probably overrated LSU team at an angry but also overrated Florida team. The loser is probably in trouble for a good bowl birth.
3. Michigan St. at Michigan--A real challenge for Michigan. I think MSU is going to wallop them. But then again, the Spartans have had their share of miracles too.
4. Florida St. at Miami--probably the 2 best teams in the ACC, not that this says a lot. Could be a preview of the ACC Championship game,largely because the other 10 teams all kind of suck.