Sunday, October 24, 2010

NCAA Top 25

3 straight #1 teams fall. And Oregon plays at USC this week. Very scared!!!!

1. Oregon (1)--complete domination over UCLA. Really looking forward to this week's matchup!
2. Auburn (5)--I'm a believer after that win over LSU. Cameron Newton is amazing
3. TCU (2)
4. Boise St. (3)
5. Utah (6)
6. Missouri (11)--awesome win over Oklahoma. Maybe they really are a force to reckon with
7. Michigan St. (7)--Still very much not a believer
8. Alabama (9)
9. Wisconsin (12)--Nice win over Iowa
10. Ohio St. (13)
11. Oklahoma (4)--tough loss to Missouri, but the Tigers dominated the game. Sooners have been up and down all year so this isn't too surprising to me.
12. Nebraska (14)
13. Stanford (16)
14. Arizona (17)--made Washington look like the patsies they are
15. LSU (8)--exposed against Auburn.
16. Florida St. (18)
17. Oklahoma St. (10)--played tough against Nebraska. They have a lot of talent, but the defense is too suspect for them to compete for the Big 12 title.
18. South Carolina (19)
19. Arkansas (21)
20. Virginia Tech (22)
21. USC (25)
22. Iowa (15)
23. Baylor (NR)--Baylor? But they keep winning
24. Mississippi St. (NR)--Mississippi St.? But they keep winning
25. Miami (NR)

Gone: Georgia Tech, Texas, West Virginia

Key games for next week:

1. Oregon at USC. There seems to be a curse on #1s this year. Let's hope it ends. In any case, there are going to be a lot of points scored.

2. Michigan St. at Iowa. A very interesting game. Is Michigan St. really that good? How will they play on the road against a very tough opponent? How will Iowa respond to their loss against Wisconsin?

3. Missouri at Nebraska. For the Big 12 North title more than likely.

4. Florida St. at North Carolina St. A good Thursday night game between 2 ACC teams that have been up and down all year.