Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pat Toomey, Idiot

Likely future Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey is really going to improve our government. Unlike most Teabaggers, Toomey knows just what to cut in order to offset the massive tax cuts he supports. Study abroad programs.

Fantastic. If there's one thing Americans need, it's to know less about the world. But this is a classic from the right-wing playbook. For instance, Joe McCarthy was violently opposed to the Voice of America, thinking it a communist-inspired organization with goals of bringing down America. That we would want the rest of the world to know about America seemed absurd. Similarly, Toomey represents the right-wing desire to hunker down in our suburban houses, stay ignorant about the world, and use the military to bomb any country that gets in our ignorant way. And when we do bomb those countries, we want to be sure to not understand anything about them or speak their languages or have gay people in the military who might have expertise in a particular culture. That way, our future military adventures can be as successful as they were in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan! After all, who needs to understand the differences between communism and nationalism or between Sunni and Shias, when you can just kill 'em all!!!!