Monday, December 01, 2008

Latte-Sipping Elitists

I hate to use an absurd conservative phrase to describe the New York Times but sometimes it fits.

See for instance this grotesque article on Times style writer Alex Kuczynski hiring a surrogate mother. God, I really relate to that. So do most of the women I know. Dana Goldstein has a nice piece on it.

And see also this story about elite kids choosing to attend elite European and Canadian colleges over Harvard and Yale. I know that was a hard choice for me and my friends.

I know a good percentage of the Times readership are wealthy yuppies and old-money New Yorkers. But these stories are not only offensive, but they show how out of touch the Times is with a lot of Americans. They have great stories on occasion about people I might be able to relate to, i.e. 95% of Americans.

On the other hand, the travel and style sections are routinely laughable. And then they publish stories about one woman buying another woman's body to have her child and then paying another woman to be the nurse. No doubt they'll be a lot of money going to snobby New York schools. And then the baby can go to St. Andrews and avoid those American institutions!